Forensics Experience

Las Positas College Talk Hawks – 2011-2013




From left to right: Front row: Lex Newman, Salim Razawi, Sarah Kellner, Alex Penn, Karina, Adam Neylan. Back Row: Shea Wigton, Weston Toste, Scott Ault (me), Birney Young. Photo taken at Santa Rosa Junior College

Prose – Let It Ride

This piece examined the mistakes that can be made in the name of love, where the protagonist had stolen a million dollars from his job, and intended to return it by stealing another million and go to the casino. After winning, he lets himself get caught up in a daydream, not taking his winnings off the table in time and, by casino rules, letting the bet ride.


Informative – Microwaves

This research speech examined the history and contemporary use of microwaves as a weapon.

After Dinner Speaking – Muggle Quidditch

This speech examined the sport of muggle quidditch, explaining the rules, history, and fun of the activity. This speech was performed at International Forensics Association Tournament in Rome, Italy.


The Team in Italy.

Duo – Father’s Mistress

This piece examined a young child working through his mother’s death by going to visit a psychic, who turned out to be his father’s mistress. The child had to work out the love interest between the psychic and the father. Performed with Lex Newman.


My duo partner, Lex Newman, and I performing Father’s Mistress at Las Positas College’s Speech Night in December 2011.



Communication Analysis – Maggie Goes on a Diet – 1st Place

  • Golden Gate Opener Swing Part 1
  • Golden Gate Opener Swing Part 2
  • Santa Rosa Junior College

This piece examined the book Maggie Goes on a Diet, a book written for young girls about the importance of being skinny. By looking at the model Stories of Hyperembodiment: An Analysis of Personal Narratives of and through Physically Disabled Bodies by Julie-Ann Scott, I was able to explain the harm of books uses such a caliber for the advancement of the story.


Photo taken at San Francisco State University. Also pictured, acting weird, is Amanda (Red) Fletcher.

Duo – Of Mice of Men

This piece was cut down from John Steinbeck’s classic book Of Mice and Men. Performed with Nick Sears, a fellow transfer to CSU East Bay.


Taken at San Francisco State University. Team members pictured in order from back to front are Erica Efigenio, Scott Ault, Kimbria Mitchell, and Nick Sears (back to the camera).

California State University, East Bay, 2015-2017

Helped to start the CSU, East Bay Debate Team in 2015



Parliamentary Debate – 3rd Place – Northern California Forensics Association Spring Championships


My debate partner John Cervantes and I, two of the three founders of the CSU East Bay Debate Team at the 2016 Northern California Forensics Association Spring Championship Tournament at Modesto Junior College.

2016-2017, Team Captain


The CSU, East Bay Debate Team at the 2017 NCFA Spring Championships at Sacramento State University. From left to right: Esther Fultz, Haviette To’o, Eric Camacho, Akarsh Rao (front), Lottie Fultz, Scott Ault, Christ Lopez


Communication Analysis – Hamilton

This piece examined the use of actors of colors in Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Broadway Musical Hamilton. By using the model Critical Race Theory, Hip Hop, and Huck Finn: Narrative Inquiry in a High School English Classroom, I was able to explain how the show continues to have relevance in our changing culture. The assignment that turned into this speech can be found here.

After Dinner Speaking – Loss of a Parent

This piece allowed me to use humor as a means to explain the pain and process of healing after losing a parent. Using my experience of the death of my father, I was able to explain how the loss of a parent hurts someone physically and psychologically, and provide avenues for seeking treatment.

Parliamentary Debate

Judging Experience


UC Berkeley Bernie Young Invitational, 2013

Las Positas Talk Hawk Invitational, 2014, 2015