Thoughts from Job Hunting – A Personal Post

Looking for work is definitely hard, but the end payoff will be well worth it.

When I think about giving up, I think about that, and am motivated to keep looking. I’ve never been the type to simply give up, and I don’t plan on doing so any time soon. It’s been 5 months since I’ve graduated from college, and that means 5 months of being unemployed, and, for the first time in a long time, having nothing to do. At first, that was nice. Now, not so much. However, the amount of time that I have been able to use to grow myself, to learn more about myself, to seek out help for issues long since been ignored. I have been working on myself, ensuring that I am losing weight. I’m not ashamed of the need to lose weight, and I’ve lost 55  pounds in the past 5 months. I’m studying to take to GRE, and am realizing even further that math is not my strong suit.

When we think about what we need to do, it isn’t very often that we think about what we need to do for ourselves. It’s healthy to take care of ourselves, to get help, to spend some time alone, but don’t get lost in it. Netflix is wonderful, but people, and the outside world as a whole, is even better.

I love to play video games, whether it be first person shooters, Grand Theft Auto, or sports games, and I often immerse myself into these games, which can be an unhealthy habit. However, balancing it out with spending time with friends, spending time with my girlfriend, and going outside makes everything better. And then I return to studying for the GRE and looking for work.

Neither the studying nor the job hunt is easy, and, to be honest, I’m happy about that. I like the challenge. I need the challenge. Now, I must get back to studying.

Don’t forget to be awesome,


A Distinct Lack of Diversity in a Show about Diversity

It is widely accepted that the X-Men series serves as an allegory for racism in the United States. The oppression the mutated people in the franchise is a direct parallel to the oppression of African Americans and the LGTBQIA community in the United States. In 1982, X-Men writer Chris Claremont explained, “”The X-Men are hated, feared, and despised collectively by humanity for no other reason than that they are mutants. So what we have…, intended or not, is a book that is about racism, bigotry, and prejudice.”

So, how do we get to the point where a show, the Gifted on Fox, features so little diversity, while preaching acceptance and inclusiveness? The show, based around the children of a prosecutor of mutants who just so happen to be mutants themselves and find themselves on the run from the government for causing an accident at their school after the son is being bullied quite intensely, features only 3 characters of minority status. One of which is Middle Eastern, one is Latino, and one is Asian. The entirety of the rest of the cast is white.

This is a problem. You cannot preach acceptance and inclusiveness while continuing to blast the screens with whiteness. You cannot argue for inclusiveness while simultaneously lacking diversity in your medium. The need for more inclusiveness goes into the show about being accepting and fighting against prejudice and discrimination, yet here we are with the Gifted, lacking in the diversity column.

Puerto Rico is an American Territory

Hey, you, did you know that Puerto Rico, you know, that island that is basically completely under water and the president is a fuck wit about, is actually an American territory. Like, did you know that the people who live in Puerto Rico are American citizens, and that they pay taxes and everything, the only difference is that they don’t have representation in Congress (but hey, no taxation without representation, am I right). What ever happened to your arguments of All Lives Matter?

The point that I’m trying to make is that we all need to recognize that Puerto Rico is not just a fabulous vacation destination, but is part of the United States. It is a territory of the US, and we need to ensure that people are taken care of as American citizens.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump (Hamilton Parody)

An open letter to the fat, arrogant, anti-charismatic, national embarrassment known as President Donald Trump.

The man’s irrational. We see that he’s in league with Russia in some vast international intrigue.

Trump, please!

We don’t know what you’re doing. You’re always going beserk, but you rarely show up for work. Give my regards to Vladimir next time to talk crap about American service men and women, at least they do their jobs up in this nation.

The line is behind me, I crossed it again while the president lost it again. Aw, such a rough lie, better run and tell Fox News, “Yo, the Klan is taking over again.” Let me ask you a question. Who runs the White House when you’re balls deep in Putin? We were calling you a disgrace back in 2016 and you haven’t proved anything new since. You nuisance with no sense. You will die of irrelevence, go ahead, you aspire to Obama’s level, you aspire to malevolence. Say hi to the twitterverse and the cowards all in Congress. Maybe they can confirm you don’t have America’s best interests at heart, just the rich.

Resign you dumb motherfucker.

Make America Great Again

For the past two years, these four words have terrorized anyone who was against Donald Trump, and I am in that camp. For the past two years, I have thought long and hard as to what Donald Trump actually meant by “Make America Great Again,” and I think I might have an answer. You see, one of the things that I often hear people of the older generations talk about is how they miss the days where they were growing up; the years where they were teenagers. Donald Trump was a teenager in the 1960’s, and, now that I think about it, that’s what it seems like we are at in 2017. In the 1960’s, America was a place where the KKK was rampant, racism was alive and well in the United States, and nuclear war was imminent. In 2017, the KKK is rampant, racism is alive and well, and nuclear war is imminent. In the 1960s, people were killed for protesting against racism. In 2017, people are being killed for protesting against racism. In the 1960s, Donald Trump was a coward. In 2017, Donald Trump is a coward. In the 1960s, we had a president who targeted the media, hoping to spread mistrust in the media (Nixon). In 2017, we have a president who targets the media, hoping to spread mistrust in the media.

So, I may have figured it out. When Donald Trump said he wanted to make America Great Again, he wanted to make America be like the 1960s.

The Traitor Flag

Something that I absolutely do no understand is US veterans referring to people who are against Donald Trump as traitors of the United States, yet still believe that the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hatred and opression. They don’t understand that the Confederate flag is literally a symbol of being a traitor the United States.

This Flag :


is literally a symbol of seceding from the United States and fighting against the United States in an effort to be separate from the United States. They didn’t want to be part of the country, yet when you proudly support this flag, and then argue that it’s heritage, you are arguing that your heritage is against the United States. You are supporting another nation, literally. A losing nation, who never won anything. They lost the only war they took part in, yet these “patriotic” people believe that flying the Confederate flag, which represents secession and anti-American rhetoric, is the definition of patriotism. How idiotic can be? Granted, you voted for Donald Trump, so the answer for that is clear.

I’m Back

So, it has been over a month since I’ve posted on here. Not because I didn’t want to, but life got in the way of hobbies, such as this. However, a lot has happened, and I wont even be able to cover everything, so let’s just go back as far as I can, starting most recent and then going back.

Donald Trump’s Trans Military Statement.

Seriously, what the fuck, Mr. President. Your bigotry and hatred of the LGBT community goes directly against your campaign promises. Not that you’ve kept any of the other ones, but this is low. You are saying that trans people don’t deserve to serve in the military because of the burden of the cost of transition surgery. Why not just ban the surgery while in the military. Also, the cost of the surgery is minuscule compared to the cost that the military pays for Viagra, so your argument is invalid. Shut up and let people live their lives. Also, I don’t think you deserve a say in what tax payers money goes to, especially considering that you don’t pay your taxes.

Donald Trump’s Statement at the Boy Scout’s Jamboree

This is a gathering of children. Do not use it to further your misinformed political bullshit. Do not make these children into your personal slaves. The last politician who did the kind of stuff that you are advocating for was Hitler, and he had a whole organization for it, Hitler’s Youth. Are we following the path of 1930’s Germany? If so, let’s spare the world and get rid of the evil dicktator now (spelling intentional).

John McCain’s “Heroic” Vote

First of all, fuck you John McCain. You get some of the best healthcare in the world, paid for by taxpayers, and when you came back from your surgery for your cancer, you voted to strip millions of their healthcare. You are selfish, and you don’t deserve your position. You are a war hero, but you are certainly not a hero to the American people anymore if your priorities lie with ensuring that Trumps stupid agenda is met and advanced.

Sean Spicer Leaving as Press Secretary

Good for you, Sean Spicer. However, I’ll miss Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of you. But all good things must come to an end. RIP Spicer’s career.

What a Week

This week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Even now, at 3:05 AM, I’m kind of freaking out.

This week, I had my final exams for my final quarter of my undergraduate career. I have done nothing but study and pack and get ready for my move to Sacramento. I haven’t even had time to watch the Comey Senate Hearing yet, but that is definitely on my list of things to do.

In short, I have no idea what’s going on in the world for the first time in years. But it’s worth it, for now.

In 7 hours, my graduation ceremony begins. I have worked hard for my degree, and I’m happy it’s finally here. It’s time that I change my information though, as I am no longer a student at CSU, East Bay.

Stop and Help Everyone

There are some things that I think that the current occupant of the White House should see. He should see the faces of those who are terrified of his agenda. He should see the people who his Health Care Act is going to impact, the 24 million people who are going to lose their medical coverage thanks to him. He should see the resistance to his agenda that is taking place around the nation in the colleges and universities. He should see the worldwide mockery that he is.

But a little more light hearted, he should see this:

I think that the third sentence in this video is the most important thing anyone has ever said. He says, “I should like to help everyone, if possible.” That’s what he needs to do. Help everyone. If that is not possible, he should resign. The current occupant of the White House has done more to divide this nation than anyone else. He has grabbed hold of fear and hatred and used it to propel his political and business aspirations.

He helps only himself and those who support him. This needs to stop. Mr. President, you should be helping everyone. The people of America. IF that is not possible, and I know it is not, especially from you, then the way for you to give back to this great nation is step aside, take your hatred and your bigotry, and resign. Leave the White House, leave politics. We didn’t want you. We didn’t elect you. So either help the people of America, or leave.


Since Inauguration Day 2017, the thought that has gone through my head the most is “What is wrong with you?” The current occupant of the White House has done more to completely destroy the United States and the World.

Yesterday, the Cheeto in Chief withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, making the United States one of only three nations not to be in the Agreement, joining the extremely reputable nations of Syria and Nicaragua. And why did he do this?

Who the hell knows. Probably for some reason that reflects his personal business interests. But one thing is certain, this single action has the potential to be detrimental to the earth. Unless we fight it. And fight it, we will. Already, California, New York, and Washington have banded together, announcing a coalition to continue to implement Paris Agreement regulations on their states. But there are still 47 other states. Please, stand up and resist the Giant Cheesepuff. There is no Plan B if the Earth is destroyed, and we cannot let one man’s ego get in the way of future generations.