Debate Reflections

Over the last two nights were the first round of Democratic Debates for the 2020 Election Cycle. I thought that overall they were interesting, although night 2 definitely had more gumption than night 1.

Reflections from Night 1

It is clear that Elizabeth Warren was the favorite not only of the crowd and moderators, but of the debaters themselves. When she spoke, everyone paid attention and watched her with intensity. She was calm, collected, and spoke with purpose.

Beto is pretty much done. He thought he would win fans over with speaking Spanish, but he ended up alienating the crowd. Not to mention, he spoke Spanish rather poorly in the debate.

The surprise standout from night one of the debate was Julian Castro. I thought he did exceedingly well, and he basically buried Beto. I saw at one point that his Google searches increased by 2400% within the first 30 minutes of the debate. Overall, strong showing by Castro.

Bill de Blasio also did well, but currently, nothing he said sticks out to me. I only remember that cause I put it on Facebook.

The other candidates were mostly ok. Many of whom I still don’t know who they are or what they stand for. My official rankings for the first night are as follows:

Winners: Warren, Castro, De Blasio

Middle of the Pack: Booker, Inslee

Losers: Beto, Gabbard, Klobuchar

Reflections from Night 2

Night 2 was a lot more action and bang for the buck. I was impressed mostly with Harris and Buttigieg, and I admitted there that it was possibly confirmation bias, but was informed by many that they agreed about Pete, so I’m glad about that.

Kamala Harris emerged victorious from night 2. There is no doubt about that. She, like Warren, stayed strong and collective, and nearly killed Joe Biden. However, Joe Biden also got a good snipe at her being a prosecutor, which is something she will need to address, and soon. She doesn’t exactly have a great record of Democratic ideologies when it comes to criminal justice.

Mayor Pete did well. He was the most well spoken, most organized, and most collective. He was asked the hard questions and responded with heart and genuine remorse for what’s happened in South Bend. Eric Swalwell, who I liked, annoyed me with his insistence that Pete could fire the police chief, despite Indiana law. Many people dislike the glare that Pete gave Swalwell, but I thought it was a true human moment.

Joe Biden needs to leave. No one wanted him before the debate. No one wants him after the debate. Swalwell nailed this on the head, quoting Biden from when Swalwell was 6 years old speaking to the California Democratic Party Convention being that we need to hand the party over to the next generation. While I loved him as Vice President, Biden simply has lived his life on the wrong side of history.

Tonights results:

Winners: Harris, Buttigieg

Middle of the Road: Swalwell, Bernie

Loser: Joe Biden.

Final Thoughts

This was just the beginning of a long and arduous political circus, and I am excited to see a less crowded Democratic field, hopefully by the next round of debates.

Overall Winners: Warren, Harris, Castro, Buttigieg

Middle of the Pack: Bernie, Inslee, Yang, de Blasio, Booker

Losers who should drop out immediately: Everyone else. Biden, Klobuchar, Williamson, Beto, Bennet, Bullock, Delaney, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Hickenlooper, Messam*, Moulton, Ryan, Swalwell, and Sestack*.

*Did not qualify for the debates.

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