SCOTUS and Another Reason to Love Mayor Pete

It is undeniable that the Supreme Court is a mess. Merely look at how the Senate treated Merrick Garland simply for being nominated by President Obama and how it treated Trump’s nominations. The Senate is it’s own story, but for now, I want to present a couple of ideas for the Supreme Court.

First, in case you don’t know, there are currently 9 Justices on the Supreme Court. This number is not dictated in the Constitution. There can be more, there can be less, and that is important later on in this post.

There are two viable solutions to the, well, clusterfuck, that is the United States Supreme Court. First is one that I have thought of and presented in collegiate debate, and the other is the idea of Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

My idea for the Supreme Court runs on term limits. This would require an amendment to the United States Consitution, but makes it easier for presidents to get their nominees through. This idea is that Justices may serve an 18* year term on the Supreme Court, so that every 2 years, there is a new Justice. Each president would be allowed to nominate two Justices per term, every two years. If there were to be a vacancy due to death or retirement, that seat would be open until there were the full 9 justices (say, Justice 3 passed away in his term, rather than the most tenured justice leaving the post at 18 years, they would leave at 20 years). Current justices would be retired out in order of ascension to the bench.

Pete Buttigieg’s idea, however, is much more diplomatic and balanced. His idea for there to be 15 Justices. 5 of the Justices would be nominated by Democrats. 5 Justices would be nominated by Republicans. The remaining 5 Justices would have to be approved unanimously by all other Justices sitting on the court. This would not require a Constitutional Amendment.

Something needs to be done about the Supreme Court, and clearly there are solutions to how to fix it, but whether they will be used or not is a totally different story.

Until next time,


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