Men Suck

There can be little doubt from the past few days, watching what is happening in Washington, DC with the Brett Kavenaugh hearing, and hearing these old Republican men defending him, that men suck.

We live in a time where men feel like they are absolutely free to do whatever we want, and the truth of the matter is that that time is up. It has been for a long time, and it never should have started.

We treat women like garbage. We take what we want and don’t care about anything else in the process. We hurt people to advance our own goals, and it’s time to end this, because we, as a whole collective, suck.

Even when we are not the ones actually doing the harm, we do just as much, if not more, by not sticking up to the bad apples in the group. We joke about women and no one stands up for them.

I’m sick of hearing stories about my female friends expressing their stories of abuse and rape because no one would stand up for them.

Whenever we criticize men on the internet, there are bound to be #notallmen arguments coming up, but, as a man, I’m saying that yes, all men are responsible in this sham. All men have done something to perpetuate this culture, and all men are responsible for fixing this problem. We must work together to ensure that our friends, family members, and all people are safe from harm.

Brett Kavenaugh simply exists as a face for the issue. He is the visual representation of our problems.

Join me in fighting against this. Let’s make the world safe for women. Let’s make the world safe for people who come out tell their stories.

Believe the women. Believe the victim.

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