In the Face of Tragedy, Racism Prevails

According to CNN, 1 million people have been told to flee the East Coast in the upcoming threat in Hurricane Florence. This is a Category 5 Hurricane, the same intensity of Hurricane Katrina, which I witnessed the aftermath 10 months after the hurricane doing Hurricane relief. Hurricane force winds are expected to hit North and South Carolina tomorrow, with the rainfall expected Friday morning. There are a million people at risk here, and we know that not everyone is able to evacuate, for various reasons, whether economic or health reasons, there are going to be many people whose lives are either going to be lost or severely impacted by this storm. (1)

On Twitter, Donald Trump stated:

However, the death poll in Puerto Rico hit 2,975 (2). Trump is deliberately lying about the job that his administration has done in Puerto Rico. Remember him throwing the paper towels like the people were lucky to get them?

If this is the way that the President thinks that help is coming for the people who are going to impacted by the oncoming storm, then I truly hope the people of North and South Carolina, as well as Georgia, and any other state that is in danger from this storm, are ready to take care of themselves.

Why do they need to be able to take care of themselves? The president diverted $10 million dollars away from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and gave it to ICE in order for them to detain even more immigrants (3). The attention the president gives to ICE is nothing more than fuel to continue to engage his personal racism and the racism of his party.

There are so many people whose lives are about to be changed by this storm, and the President has decided to take money away from assisting them and put it in the already egregious ICE budget. In the face of tragedy, the President’s racism is the direct motivator for his actions.

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