A Good Man and a Child

I may not have always agreed with the politics of John McCain, but I did vote for him in 2008. I believe that his nomination in 2008 led to the rise of Donald Trump, but not due to his own beliefs, but due to the believes and ridiculousness of his VP pick, Sarah Palin. However, John McCain was a good man. He was a war hero, a POW, and someone who fought for his beliefs. Again, I didn’t always agree with him, and over the past few years, I haven’t agreed with him at all. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is a good man.

Trump, however, is a piece of shit. He has nixed any ideas of a White House statement regarding the passing of John McCain. Furthermore, he continues to act like a child. It appears that we legitimately have a child running the nation, and other countries are mocking us for it. We need to have better leadership, and John McCain was one of those men who, even if you disagreed with his politics, you cannot say that he wasn’t a true leader. His passing makes the country worse, and it shows the true colors of POS in Chief.

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