There Will Be a Revolution in this Century

Shortly after the 2016 general election I had expressed that I could tell a Revolution was coming. However there was no way for me to even begin to understand how accurate that statement was. Following the Parkland shooting we have seen a huge uprising of Millennials and younger generation becoming involved in politics, becoming involved in marches, actually speaking out against the NRA, speaking out against congressmembers. I saw a post saying that millennials and younger 18 up at the 2020 election will add an extra 90 million volts into the electorate this is huge.

In the 2016 general election roughly 127 million people voted. In the 2020 election there will be 90 million young voters. I said a Revolution was coming and that the political landscape of this country would change and it will change. Young people tend to skew more liberal. If the Democrats will lose in 2020 It Is by their own fault. The Democrats have such a way riding with them into 2020 due to the amount of young voters that it can appeal to.

So I still believe it. I still believe that A revolution is coming. I support this revolution. It is time for change to come in America and it’s going to be us and the younger generation who’s going to bring in that change and you can either sit back and watch it happen or help. You can either be on the wrong side of History or the right side. And the right side is not right of Center. We have an opportunity to change the landscape of our country. We have the opportunity to ensure Justice and equality and a congress that’s able to run correctly and a president who does not make us fear nuclear war war everyday. So let’s do something. Let’s win this and end this dystopian Society we live in. We must not throw away our shot. It’s our time, let’s win this.

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