Ready Player None (RPO spoilers within)

Anyone who has met me in the past five or six years would know that the first book I would recommend to them, no matter what it was that they were looking for, would be Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The film for Ready Player One was released yesterday, April 29th, 2018, and it had some serious problems. Coming solely from a perspective of a fan of the book, I have to say that I was entirely disappointed. Knowing a lot of the arches and what the characters represent within the book that the film seemed to completely disregard was probably the most disappointing.

One of the such arches that was left out of the movie was the arch regarding Aech’s sexuality. In the book it is made clear by the end that Aech is a lesbian, however there is no such reference to that in the film, which relates to my last post about LGBT representation in Hollywood. By refusing to acknowledge this in the movie it just further goes to show how Hollywood seems to disavow anything that goes against the normal culture and goes out of it’s to eliminate any possibility of progression.

Even further than simply being a lesbian, Aech is portrayed in the book as a lesbian of color, which is even more so a subculture that remaines to be ignored in Hollywood.

I’m not saying that this is the only bad thing about the movie, because it isn’t. In fact, there is a lot wrong with the movie even solely from someone who is disregarding what the book is. There are a lot of plot holes, there are many parts that are just way too convenient in the movie.

I have been looking forward to this movie since it was announced. I was introduced to the book by a friend who competed with me on the Las Positas forensics team. This was in 2011. I have read this book well over a hundred times and I have listened to the audio book even more it is safe to say that this is my favorite book and it is also safe to say that this movie did not do the book Justice. This movie removes everything that made Ready Player One, Ready Player One. This movie, in traditional Hollywood fashion, removed any rhetoric from the story l that could have been placed in the film but was chosen not to be.

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