LGBT Representation in Hollywood

Again, this is an assignment from one of my classes at CSU, East Bay.


If anything, Hollywood is consistent. However, this is a problem, because the consistency of Hollywood comes at the expense of anyone who is not a straight, white, cis male. There have been some strides to change this, however, not nearly enough. When we think of the LGBT community and the way that the community is portrayed on screen, we can see that there is a huge issue in the way that Hollywood presents this group. Nearly every instance where there is a prominent LGBT character, it is a white female lesbian whose sole purpose in the film is to get naked and have sex with another white female lesbian. This is a huge issue because it is not even trying to be an adequate representation of the LGTB community. For Hollywood to truly make a difference and change the consistency that they have relied on for so long, Hollywood needs to stop having the gay characters stand out and be abnormally different from everyone.

The most important action that Hollywood can take that will make it more LGBT friendly is to eliminate the hegemonic view that white, cis, and straight is dominant. By having more LGBT and actors of color have lead roles in films, it will bring up the community to new heights, because the community will finally be represented as a group of people who aren’t different from the straight people and who aren’t there for the sole purpose to get naked and have sex with another woman for the sole purpose of the straight man’s enjoyment. Furthermore, the Motion Picture Association of America needs to stop treating the LGBT as a community that is so obscure and controversial that the films need to have a rating of Not Rated or risk a rating of NC17. This would help to normalize the community and help to fight the stigma of the LGBT community.

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