We’re Ready

Growing up, my generation and the generation younger than us were taught to question everything. We were raised reading Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, the Handmaid’s Tale, and other Dystopian books. We were taught these books as literature in various classes. And now, now we’re ready.

We are living in a classic dystopian society. The books we read for fun are now the books we read  to prepare ourselves to fight back against this corrupt and evil regime. We know what to do, because we learned what to do in school. We were being prepared to fight back through the books we would choose to read for fun. And now, we have passed the final stage. Within the Hunger Games, we are gearing up for our Mockingjay. Within Harry Potter, we are reached the Final Battle. Within the Testing, it’s Graduation Day. We have had enough, and we are ready for this fight.

It never ends well for those in charge in a Dystopian book, and hopefully, it won’t end well for those in charge of the USA. Millenials are ready. We are ready to take down Trump and his Death Eaters, as Harry took down Voldemort and his. We are ready to fight.

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