Thoughts from Job Hunting – A Personal Post

Looking for work is definitely hard, but the end payoff will be well worth it.

When I think about giving up, I think about that, and am motivated to keep looking. I’ve never been the type to simply give up, and I don’t plan on doing so any time soon. It’s been 5 months since I’ve graduated from college, and that means 5 months of being unemployed, and, for the first time in a long time, having nothing to do. At first, that was nice. Now, not so much. However, the amount of time that I have been able to use to grow myself, to learn more about myself, to seek out help for issues long since been ignored. I have been working on myself, ensuring that I am losing weight. I’m not ashamed of the need to lose weight, and I’ve lost 55  pounds in the past 5 months. I’m studying to take to GRE, and am realizing even further that math is not my strong suit.

When we think about what we need to do, it isn’t very often that we think about what we need to do for ourselves. It’s healthy to take care of ourselves, to get help, to spend some time alone, but don’t get lost in it. Netflix is wonderful, but people, and the outside world as a whole, is even better.

I love to play video games, whether it be first person shooters, Grand Theft Auto, or sports games, and I often immerse myself into these games, which can be an unhealthy habit. However, balancing it out with spending time with friends, spending time with my girlfriend, and going outside makes everything better. And then I return to studying for the GRE and looking for work.

Neither the studying nor the job hunt is easy, and, to be honest, I’m happy about that. I like the challenge. I need the challenge. Now, I must get back to studying.

Don’t forget to be awesome,


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