An Open Letter to Donald Trump (Hamilton Parody)

An open letter to the fat, arrogant, anti-charismatic, national embarrassment known as President Donald Trump.

The man’s irrational. We see that he’s in league with Russia in some vast international intrigue.

Trump, please!

We don’t know what you’re doing. You’re always going beserk, but you rarely show up for work. Give my regards to Vladimir next time to talk crap about American service men and women, at least they do their jobs up in this nation.

The line is behind me, I crossed it again while the president lost it again. Aw, such a rough lie, better run and tell Fox News, “Yo, the Klan is taking over again.” Let me ask you a question. Who runs the White House when you’re balls deep in Putin? We were calling you a disgrace back in 2016 and you haven’t proved anything new since. You nuisance with no sense. You will die of irrelevence, go ahead, you aspire to Obama’s level, you aspire to malevolence. Say hi to the twitterverse and the cowards all in Congress. Maybe they can confirm you don’t have America’s best interests at heart, just the rich.

Resign you dumb motherfucker.

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