The Traitor Flag

Something that I absolutely do no understand is US veterans referring to people who are against Donald Trump as traitors of the United States, yet still believe that the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hatred and opression. They don’t understand that the Confederate flag is literally a symbol of being a traitor the United States.

This Flag :


is literally a symbol of seceding from the United States and fighting against the United States in an effort to be separate from the United States. They didn’t want to be part of the country, yet when you proudly support this flag, and then argue that it’s heritage, you are arguing that your heritage is against the United States. You are supporting another nation, literally. A losing nation, who never won anything. They lost the only war they took part in, yet these “patriotic” people believe that flying the Confederate flag, which represents secession and anti-American rhetoric, is the definition of patriotism. How idiotic can be? Granted, you voted for Donald Trump, so the answer for that is clear.

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