I’m Back

So, it has been over a month since I’ve posted on here. Not because I didn’t want to, but life got in the way of hobbies, such as this. However, a lot has happened, and I wont even be able to cover everything, so let’s just go back as far as I can, starting most recent and then going back.

Donald Trump’s Trans Military Statement.

Seriously, what the fuck, Mr. President. Your bigotry and hatred of the LGBT community goes directly against your campaign promises. Not that you’ve kept any of the other ones, but this is low. You are saying that trans people don’t deserve to serve in the military because of the burden of the cost of transition surgery. Why not just ban the surgery while in the military. Also, the cost of the surgery is minuscule compared to the cost that the military pays for Viagra, so your argument is invalid. Shut up and let people live their lives. Also, I don’t think you deserve a say in what tax payers money goes to, especially considering that you don’t pay your taxes.

Donald Trump’s Statement at the Boy Scout’s Jamboree

This is a gathering of children. Do not use it to further your misinformed political bullshit. Do not make these children into your personal slaves. The last politician who did the kind of stuff that you are advocating for was Hitler, and he had a whole organization for it, Hitler’s Youth. Are we following the path of 1930’s Germany? If so, let’s spare the world and get rid of the evil dicktator now (spelling intentional).

John McCain’s “Heroic” Vote

First of all, fuck you John McCain. You get some of the best healthcare in the world, paid for by taxpayers, and when you came back from your surgery for your cancer, you voted to strip millions of their healthcare. You are selfish, and you don’t deserve your position. You are a war hero, but you are certainly not a hero to the American people anymore if your priorities lie with ensuring that Trumps stupid agenda is met and advanced.

Sean Spicer Leaving as Press Secretary

Good for you, Sean Spicer. However, I’ll miss Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of you. But all good things must come to an end. RIP Spicer’s career.

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