Stop and Help Everyone

There are some things that I think that the current occupant of the White House should see. He should see the faces of those who are terrified of his agenda. He should see the people who his Health Care Act is going to impact, the 24 million people who are going to lose their medical coverage thanks to him. He should see the resistance to his agenda that is taking place around the nation in the colleges and universities. He should see the worldwide mockery that he is.

But a little more light hearted, he should see this:

I think that the third sentence in this video is the most important thing anyone has ever said. He says, “I should like to help everyone, if possible.” That’s what he needs to do. Help everyone. If that is not possible, he should resign. The current occupant of the White House has done more to divide this nation than anyone else. He has grabbed hold of fear and hatred and used it to propel his political and business aspirations.

He helps only himself and those who support him. This needs to stop. Mr. President, you should be helping everyone. The people of America. IF that is not possible, and I know it is not, especially from you, then the way for you to give back to this great nation is step aside, take your hatred and your bigotry, and resign. Leave the White House, leave politics. We didn’t want you. We didn’t elect you. So either help the people of America, or leave.

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