Since Inauguration Day 2017, the thought that has gone through my head the most is “What is wrong with you?” The current occupant of the White House has done more to completely destroy the United States and the World.

Yesterday, the Cheeto in Chief withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, making the United States one of only three nations not to be in the Agreement, joining the extremely reputable nations of Syria and Nicaragua. And why did he do this?

Who the hell knows. Probably for some reason that reflects his personal business interests. But one thing is certain, this single action has the potential to be detrimental to the earth. Unless we fight it. And fight it, we will. Already, California, New York, and Washington have banded together, announcing a coalition to continue to implement Paris Agreement regulations on their states. But there are still 47 other states. Please, stand up and resist the Giant Cheesepuff. There is no Plan B if the Earth is destroyed, and we cannot let one man’s ego get in the way of future generations.

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