Another Pointless Attack

I am absolutely heartbroken to hear about the attacks in Manchester. There is absolutely no reason that any monster should do something like that. All this does is add fire to the xenophobia that the world seems to harbor, which, in turn, gives the terrorists more of a canvas to use to paint their plan. The more we hate them, the more fire they have to use against us. That is why they attack civilians. This was an Ariana Grande concert, which means that the majority of those in attendance were kids, teens, and young adults. Kids and teens were killed tonight because of a stupid ideology by a heartless terrorist. But let us not forget, Love trumps Hate. We will continue to love and support our friends, family, and strangers. We are not going to give in to the xenophobia that they want, that Trump wants, that the right supports. We’re better than that. So please, continue to love. Continue to support, and please, keep those who were injured and the family members of those who were killed tonight in your thoughts and prayers.

Please watch this video from James Corden regarding the attacks.

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