You’re Out

I was under the impression that the rule regarding being out was three strikes. However, at Fox News, that’s not quite the case. Take, for instance Bill O’Reilly. Granted he is now fired, there is still a troubling aspect to his story, and that story goes back to 2002.

In 2002, and in the 15 years since, Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have spent 15 million dollars to settle five sexual harassment cases brought against O’Reilly. Reading the descriptions of the allegations is disgusting, and make me sick to my stomach. However, now that we think about how much money they have spent and how long they have kept O’Reilly as a member of the Fox Family. Clearly, the allegations that are currently going around (again) are not the reason that O’Reilly is being fired.

So, what is an alternative reason for O’Reilly’s forced exit? Could it be that O’Reilly just cost Fox News over $500 million in advertising? Probably. Fox News cares more about money than morals. This much has been clear to me since 2008 when Fox was more concerned with President Obama’s race and religion than his politics. Granted, Obama’s politics and the leanings of Fox News never really lined up, but they could still focus on politics rather than race and religion. But, no. They cared more about the money than the morals, and to this day  care more about money than morals. We saw this with Donald Trump, where Fox was defending him left and right, no matter what he said, and is a huge reason of his victory. They care more about money than morals, and as a result, are considered a joke with and an extremely unreliable source.

Firing O’Reilly is a great start. He needed to be fired. That much has been clear for years, but Fox doesn’t get any credit, because they didn’t fire him for the sexual harassment suit. No. They fired him because of money, and when the concern for money is more important than morals, then the whole network suffers at the whims of the money leaving.

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