Spicy Spicey

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love satire. Specifically, I love when the the comedians are able to hit a character so well that when you think of the person they are making fun of, you’re more likely to think about the character rather than the actual person. That is where we are getting with Sean Spicer. In case you’ve missed it, Melissa McCarthy keeps doing a great job making fun of Sean Spicer. Here is the latest clip from SNL.

What’s so important about this though? Melissa McCarthy is able to bring to light what is going on with the Press Secretary and deliver legitimate commentary on what is going on in the world. McCarthy has been able to poke fun at Spicer and Trump while opening the door for political conversation. Even throughout this clip, which McCarthy uses to make fun of Spicer’s comments about Hitler and al-Assad, we can see SNL using their position to poke fun at the current administration. This serves two very important purposes.

First, Donald Trump is incredibly thin skinned and doesn’t take well to criticism. Any attempt to frustrate Trump is a win for the United States.

Second, and even more important than Trump’s thin skin, is SNL is doing something that the mainstream media wont: they’re calling Donald Trump on his actions. They’re using comedy and satire to bring to light these very real issues. McCarthy concludes the skit saying “Donald Trump is probably going to bomb North Korea tonight,” which has been on the mind of many people paying attention to Trump’s actions, after bombing Syria and Afghanistan, there is no reason to think that Trump would not bomb North Korea. Luckily, it didn’t happen, but the threat was there.

The late night media is rock solid with bringing these issues to light. Looking at comedians such as Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, and the SNL cast, the commentary that is happening through these late night comedians is helping to spark national conversation.

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