Ready for War

After last night, I legitimately dreaded waking up and thinking about the consequences of what is going on. Last night, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un announced that North Korea is ready for war with the United States. You would think that this would be no big deal, that we would simply be able to squash North Korea. However, to quote 45 in the presidential debates, “Wrong.” We were unable to defeat North Korea in the Korean war. Why? Because you can’t beat someone who isn’t afraid of you. I’ve said before that Kim Jong-un is crazy, but the craziest part about him is that he knows that the United States could demolish North Korea, but he stands tall due to the fact that there are numerous treaties, specifically with China, where if we were to nuke N. Korea, we get nuked, then China gets nuked, then we get nuked again, we nuke them, our allies use nukes, and all of humanity is destroyed, except those who are barely able to survive in a nuclear fallout (hmm, seems like an interesting video game concept).

So why does this scare me so much? Jong-un has defied international orders to cease missile and nuclear programs. Jong-un has no fear, and with no fear comes the inability to be deterred. No matter what we threaten to North Korea, we can’t beat them. You can only defeat someone who has fear, and he is a man who believes he is a god. He is insane, and as such, he is unbeatable. So, North Korea is ready for war. The United States is ready for war. Russia is ready for war. Basically, prepare for war, because life as we know it is over. Just like we warned during the election.

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