Support the Troops, but not the Decision of the Leader

This morning, I was scrolling through Facebook, and one of my friends had posted this meme:


It immediately got me thinking about the amount of respect that we need to have for the troops and the military, while still being able to criticize those making the decisions. I have no problem with the troops, and understand that they are simply doing what they are instructed to do, which is what they are required to do. The Commander-in-Chief commanded the troops to take military action, and they did so. So I have no problem with them. They were following orders, which is required of them.

I have a problem with the commander and his decision making team. I have a problem with the commander and his decision to turn from Syria, where he had an obligation to get involved because of Obama’s agreement with Assad. However, now turning his attention to North Korea is stupid. Let North Korea be. We all know that Kim Jong-un is insane and that he talks a big game…oh. Maybe that’s the reason. Is this a pissing contest between Korea’s leader and ours?

Furthermore, we have to look at the legality of Trump’s actions. First, internationally. With the UN, which the United States is a member of, there was no authorization of military action. The strike did not get approval. The strike was not approved by the Security Council, nor was it a matter of self defense against Syria. Therefore, the strike was not legal in the international community, according to Charlie Savage in the New York Times. Furthermore, Savage explains that the legality in the United States creates a murky problem. Within his own party, there is dissent from the Senators. Rand Paul says he needs permission from Congress. John McCain says he does not. Both are previous presidential candidates. Both are incredibly intelligent men, whether you agree with their politics or not. So the national legality is still to be determined, but either way, the act was illegal according to international law.

Charlie Savage’s article:

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