How is it the United States Fault?

In a post that I made yesterday, I referred to a teacher who explained that everything that is happening in the Middle East today is a result of the United States’ reaction to the September 11 terrorist attacks. I have gotten a few emails asking me to explain this, and the post only went live 12 hours ago. So, to the best of my ability, here is the explanation.

After the September 11 terror attacks, the United States obviously responded to the attacks with military action, starting the War on Terror. However, the execution of the response led to the rise of ISIS, or ISIL, or Daesh, whatever you want to call it. After the fall of al Qaida and the Taliban, these fighters who were left didn’t just disappear, they formed the Islamic State. In our fight against terror, we killed many innocent people without cause. For more information into this, please watch the documentary Dirty Wars. It’s on Netflix. Many of these people family members then turned against the United States and are determined in seeking retribution. They in turn join up with ISIS and attack. We, the United States of America, have driven people to join with ISIS and commit atrocious acts of terror.

So how does this relate to Syria? Again, we need a bit of a history lesson. After the September 11 terror attacks, the attitudes of Americans against Muslims turned hostile. We still see this today, and that attitude against Muslims is one of the factors that led to 45 being elected. He ran on a platform of fear and hate, and saying that he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States. Americans are afraid of Muslims, thinking that all Muslims share the same ideology as ISIS, and wanted to keep Muslims from entering the United States. Meanwhile, Bashar al-Assad, the dictator of Syria, is bombing and dropping deadly gas on his own people, saying he is doing it to fight ISIS, but because you can’t tell who is a member of ISIS, he is non-discriminately bombing hospitals, schools, towns. The city of Aleppo used to be absolutely stunning. It’s now a pile of rubble. For more evidence of this, please watch the documentary the White Helmets on Netflix. it’s only 45 minutes long, and it won an Academy Award for Documentary Short. These are Syrian people trying to save Syrians after these bombs are dropped.

Again, the United States is responsible for the formation of ISIS. al-Assad is claiming to be fighting ISIS, and is dropping these bombs and gasses. 45 is banning Muslims from entering the country, banning Syrians from seeing asylum and refugee status in the United States, and then turns around and says we’re bombing the airfield to protect the Syrian people. That’s not how this works. It’s not how any of this works.

The information provided in this post comes from Dr. Mary Cardaras. If you have the time, please check out her book Fear, Power, and Politics: The Recipe for War in Iraq after 9/11. I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Cardaras as an instructor in three courses.

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