A Better Future?

I’m writing this point because, really, I don’t know what else to do. I know it’s my third post today, and it’s only my second day running this blog, but tonight was kind of a big deal. Tonight, we, the United States of America, took military action by bombing a Syrian base after their deadly sarin gas drop on the Syrian people a couple days ago. I have mixed reactions about this.

First, something needed to be done. I strongly believe that Obama’s refusal to adequately intervene in Syria will be one of the darkest marks on his presidency. I don’t disagree that something had to be done, and we couldn’t stand by and just let it happen anymore. We’ve done that for far too long at this point. However…

Second, this is bad. Tomorrow, April 7, 2017 marks one hundred years since the United States entered World War I, and, with the state of the world right now, with Russia backing Assad, the US going against Assad, the US going against North Korea, the US still at war in the Middle East, there exists the very real possibility of World War III. I know that this is something that is always brought up, and even I joked about it with Trump in office and friends with Russia, at least we don’t have to worry about WWIII in his term. However, Trump went against Assad, and, in doing so, strained the relationship with Putin.

Third, I can’t help but feel for the Syrian people, and have to think back about how this can be traced back to the United States. One of my teachers explained in a couple of classes that I had with her that everything happening in the world today is a result to our reaction to the September 11 attacks. That will be a post for another day, where I can adequately explain it, but it’s true. I can’t help but to feel for the people of Syria. If you pray, please pray. If you send good vibes, send them good vibes. If you can help, help. We all need to help them. We’ve been complacent for far too long.

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