Hasn’t He Done Enough?

Today, Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to a question, saying, “Hasn’t he done enough?” Personally, I think that the answer is yes. 45 has done enough. He has done enough to give us the ability to criticize him based on his own actions as president. Prior to his inauguration, we were told to wait and see. Quite frankly, we’ve waited long enough. We’ve seen his goals, his ambitions, his character. He has revealed to us where his alliances lie, and they are not with the American people. He has revealed that he cares more about his business interests than the interests of those who are losing healthcare. He has shown that he cares more about oil companies than he is about protecting National Parks.

On the subject of the National Parks, he did something that we are being told to appreciate. He proposed a budget that is cutting $1.5 billion (Baker, 2017), and to compensate for it and make him look like a good guy, donated his first paycheck of $78,000 to the National Park Serve. Even with the President donating the entirety of his annual paycheck, which is $400,000, that is still a net loss to the National Parks of $1.46 billion. So, why exactly, should we be appreciating his publicity stunt? The only worthwhile campaign promise 45 has kept was his promise not to have a salary and that he will donate his salary to charity.

So, back to the original question? Hasn’t he done enough? Again, the answer is yes, but it is entirely the wrong “enough.” He has done enough to let us criticize him. He has done enough to ruin the values of our nation. He has done enough to let us know that he doesn’t care about America. He has done enough, and we’ve had enough.


April 4, 2017


Work Cited

Baker, P. (2017, April 03). Trump Donates First-Quarter Salary to National Park Service. Retrieved April 04, 2017, from https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/03/us/politics/national-park-service-trump-salary.html?_r=0

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